Digital sharing & portfolios for your learning community.

Collect Allow students to upload & organize artifacts in the form of photos, videos, audio, docs, & more, into a shared space.
ShareOpen up student work for feedback from peers, mentors, family, or even a public audience.
Showcase Curate evidence captured during the learning process into personal portfolios of students' skills and creations.

Learning Spaces

Build an online space for collaboration for your class or learning community.

Authentic Assessment

Open up student work for feedback from a larger audience, and conduct rich multimedia-based assessments.

Digital Portfolios

Curate evidence of learning into personal portfolios of skills and creations.

Learning Spaces

Foster collaboration & documentation

Build a customized digital space for your learners to capture digital evidence of their learning process, from any device. Let them document their work in a variety of ways, such as 📷 photo, 🎥 video, 🎙️ audio, or 📝 text. Tag artifacts to group them by project, skill, or topic.

Authentic Assessment

Create opportunities for authentic feedback

Use prompts to collect student responses, and display them in a feed or gallery to share work amongst peers, teachers, families, or mentors & experts outside of the classroom. Give detailed feedback through text, video, or audio, and encourage refinement and growth. Combine multiple prompts to create rich performance assessments of skill mastery.

Digital Portfolios

Design a custom site with evidence of learning

Let learners express themselves and their skills with a custom-design portfolio, allowing them to use past evidence to show mastery and interest. With fine-grained privacy controls so you can control whether portfolios are shared with just a 🏫 classroom or school, with a select group of 💻 🎨 💼 mentors, family, or experts, or with a 🌍 public audience.

We are currently beta testing with a small group of educators.

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